Tips and Tracks for travel in Houston, Texas.

Tips and Tracks for travel in Houston, Texas.

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HOUSTON TRAVEL TIPS is a discount hotel reservation service focused exclusively on cheap Houston hotels. Read the Houston travel tips to answer all your questions about the city - where to go, best places in Houston. Hotels, shopping, how to reach Houston and much more.

Preparing for Your Trip to Houston, Texas

Book Houston Hotel and Air Separately

It's like buying a TV with a built-in DVD player. If one component ends-up not working, then the unit as a whole doesn't work. Finding the ideal combination of, or making changes to a package deal, can be restrictive, difficult, frustrating and time-consuming. And just because most ads for package deals to Houston tout that you will save money, you may find otherwise. Also, you may get a better flight to Houston, without spending more, when you purchase your airline ticket to Houston separately. Yes, a Houston vacation package could be ideal, but we like to urge savvy travelers to check into the alternative. You can easily check Houston hotel room prices on when doing your research.

Packing for Your Houston Trip

Be sure to pack for the climate in Houston and also for the season. Bring breathable natural fabrics for hot weather, and layers that can be added or removed for cooler weather. Remember that summers and winters are opposite in the Southern Hemisphere, with summer in December and winter in July.

Bring a Map of Houston

Don't leave home without it! If you don't know Houston well, it will be a huge advantage to buy a Houston map and look it over prior to your trip. You'll be surprised how much you remember about the major streets and areas of Houston once you've studied the map and gotten the big picture. It will help you get your bearings once you've arrived. Whichever attractions in Houston you want to see, you'll have a better idea of where they are from your hotel and how to get there. Check the brochure rack in the hotel lobby for what to do in Houston. There might even be a map of Houston tourist attractions.

Check the Weather in Houston

Before you embark on your trip to Houston, search Houston weather on a search engine and find the 10-day forecast for Houston. It could help you decide which Houston tourist attraction to see and do on which day.

Taking a Computer to Houston

There are benefits of taking your computer with you on vacation, such as staying in touch with family and friends and making or canceling reservations on the go. Take advantage of the internet in your Houston hotel, or if unavailable, locate the closest internet cafe.

Houston Travel Journal

You may like to keep a small travel journal or notebook for your trip to Houston to jot down place names, dates and phone numbers of newly acquired friends. These reminders will also be useful if you'd like to blog about your trip to Houston after you return home.

When You Arrive in Houston

Check Your Room When You Arrive in Houston

Now, immediately, is the time to be sure you are happy with your room. If ANYTHING is bugging you, now is the time to ask for a different room or to have any issues cleared immediately. After you've spent the night, or even hours in your room, is NOT the time. Speaking of bugging you, it is a good idea to check the bed thoroughly. Yes, it can happen to any hotel, anywhere. Even the very best and very cleanest of hotels in Houston could fall victim because the critters can travel the world in people's luggage. So now you can unpack, order extra towels, look at prices on the room service menu and start enjoying Houston.

Restaurants in Houston

Isn't going out for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner a favorite thing to do for just about everyone and especially when on vacation? You might want to actually think about your Houston restaurant route ahead of time to avoid - Where do you want to go? I don't know, where do you want to go?- To find a restaurant in Houston that suits your fancy each day, peruse the Houston Yellow Pages and ask friendly locals or other visitors for recommendations.

Things to do in Houston

You probably based your vacation trip to Houston because of what there is to see and to do in Houston. But it never hurts to check a little further in case there is an attraction you don't know about. Check the brochure rack in the hotel lobby for What To Do in Houston. There might also be a map of Houston attractions. You know... the maps with the cute pictures on them. Just one more Houston souvenir to take home!

Dining Out In Houston

Don't be afraid to try regional cuisine in Houston. When dining out, ask about local Houston specialties. You'll find that locally sourced ingredients make for the freshest and tastiest meals, and you'll be paying a compliment to your host city in honoring their traditions.

Festivals in Houston

Local holidays in Houston may have an effect on the availability of some amenities or attractions, but local Houston festivals or parades will add to the enjoyment of your trip making Houston even more memorable.

Celebrations in Houston

No matter what time of year you're visiting Houston, there are amazing events to make your trip unforgettable. Contact the Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Authority in Houston and ask for calendar of local events. This information may also be available on the website for Houston. This will help you plan your activities to include local festivities you would like to participate in.

Souvenirs from Houston

Don't forget the folks at home. Purchasing small souvenirs or gifts in Houston will save you money over airport gift shop prices, and will be appreciated by friends and loved ones who were unable to be with you in Houston.

Side-trips in Houston

Spontaneous side trips in Houston can be made with the help of your hotel concierge, or a local Houston travel agent. So don't worry about having to plan out every detail of your trip to Houston before you leave.

Must See Sights in Houston

If you are visiting Houston for the first time make sure you decide on the Must See Sights and plan your itinerary accordingly. Guide books on Houston can be an invaluable resource, listing directions, hours of operation and entrance fees.

Houston Transportation

Driving in Houston

If you plan to drive in Houston it's best to reserve your rental car in advance. Not only will you get the best rates, but you will be assured of a vehicle being available for you, rather than taking your chances upon arrival. Make note that speed limits and other rules of the road may vary in Houston and may differ from those you are accustomed to.

Public Transportation in Houston

Subways, commuter trains, trams, monorails, cable cars, taxis, buses and ferries are all modes of public transportation. Not only is it convenient when traveling, but usually it's an adventure! When traveling around Houston, you'll want to make the most of what is available and what might be, adventure! Be sure to research Houston transportation online, in advance, or speak with the concierge at your hotel.

Taxis in Houston, Additional Houston Tips

When using taxis in Houston make sure they are legitimate and licensed. Public transportation in Houston is a viable alternative to taxis and will give you the opportunity to talk to locals who can give you pointers for great restaurants and side trips.

Medical Insurance in Houston

If your health insurance provider does not provide coverage for Houston, look into purchasing medical insurance for travelers so that you are covered in case of emergency.

Security in Houston Hotels

If your hotel room provides an in-room safe, be sure to use it for personal valuables and papers. Otherwise ask the hotel staff about safety deposit boxes. Always remember to thoroughly check all drawers, safes and closets before you leave your Houston hotel room so as not to leave anything behind.

Health Precautions in Houston

Waterless hand sanitizers are a boon to travelers, include travel size containers when you pack for your trip to Houston. These will come in very handy when eating on the go during your sightseeing adventures.

Safety in Houston

Use common sense when in Houston as you would anywhere. Don't draw unwanted attention by carrying excessive amounts of cash or wearing expensive jewelry. Avoid undesirable areas and stick with your group.

Prescription Medications in Houston

Be sure to bring with you to Houston any and all prescription medications. Pay close attention to airport security regulations for medications, your prescriptions must be contained in their original, clearly labeled containers. It's also a good idea to carry a list of your medications and wear a MedicAlert for any medical conditions. process bar better price
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